Our operations include:

  • Our company invests in real estate both by acquiring it and by initiating construction projects in various European countries. We can offer a partnership opportunity by joining one of our capital investment construction projects and we also consult and mediate during the acquisition of real estate in Europe. Another field of our operations is the rental of the real estate we already own. We rent out various types of spaces and buildings: from manufacturing and commercial spaces to residential apartments.
  • Our company employs various competent consultants who can help you establish a legal entity, evaluate a tax environment, or evaluate other issues according to your needs anywhere in Europe. We also consult on issues regarding management, financial management, and human resource management issues for existing companies. We also provide legal services. We mediate and represent clients in negotiations on various levels.
  • Programming and consultations involving the design, production and modernisation of air traffic control systems. We create programs and consult on programming issues for companies that produce air traffic control systems. Because our team employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in this field, we also provide air control system manufacturing, design and construction consultations.
  • Our company owns two hotels in the central Old Town of Vilnius that meet international standards. These are the 3*Plus Amber Apple hotel and the 3* Green Apple hotel.